Silence Therapeutics

About us

We are a leading RNA therapeutics company, using our proprietary platform technology to develop genetic medicines:

  • Our drug candidates harness a naturally occurring mechanism known as RNA interference, which is able to selectively inhibit gene expression
  • We can design our therapies to specifically target only the problematic gene that is causal in a disease
  • Our targeted delivery adds to the specificity of our mechanism of action, with therapeutic siRNA molecules only reaching the intended target cells in the body

Our pipeline

Our pipeline is a diversified combination of internal and out-licensed programmes, which vary in their stages of development from discovery to advanced clinical trials.

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Our pipeline

We out-licensed our siRNA stabilisation chemistry technology (AtuRNAiTM) to Quark Pharmaceuticals, who have progressed drug candidates that use this technology to late clinical trials.

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Our technology

We have developed proprietary stabilising chemistries to improve the robustness of siRNA sequences, together with advanced delivery systems that enable us to specifically target relevant cell types. This results in potent and highly specific drug candidates.


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Investment Case

Silence is the only listed RNAi player in Europe and a pioneer in this technology. Through the efforts of our skilled scientists over the years we have established a robust platform that allows us to effectively trigger RNAi in specific cell types.

Our inventions are protected by a broad intellectual property estate, which is a fundamental asset. Together with our progress, the fact that the field is generally maturing means that RNAi drugs are close to becoming a powerful genetic medicine modality at the disposal of doctors and patients.


Results, reports & presentations

Please download our Full Year Results 2016 here

Half year results 2016

Full year results 2015

Half Year Results 2015

Full Year Results 2014

"With the significant advancement of our liver delivery system, we will be able to deliver on the promise of RNAi being the next class of therapeutics"

Ali Mortazavi, Chief Executive Officer